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Are you thinking of going back to school?

Are you already a non-traditional student?

If not, here is a very simple decision-making process that can help you decide whether or not to become a non-traditional student...and many of you may have already used it before.

I think most non-traditional students struggle at first with the question, "Do I want to go back to school?" Some of us have always wanted to do this, but simply can't go forward with it. Things always seem to get in the way, like real life, the job, the kids, etc. etc. etc. So how does a person decide what to do?


My mother's advice has always worked for me. It can help with this choice as well as others in your life, and it's a lot more scientific (!) than tossing a coin would be. What do you do? You simply take a paper and divide it into two, straight vertically down the middle. You then list the pros and cons for each side, numbering each one to keep it straight.

Next, write down each reason pro or con and why you feel that way. You can make each one as short or as long as you wish. The title of your paper will be "Going back to School". Your title over each column will be "Pro" and "Con".

You simply will list each good point for going back to school on the "pro" (or yes) side and all the bad points about it on the "con", (or no) side. If you start to run out of room, simply continue on the back or add more paper as you need it.


You are now going to look at your finished list. Does one side have an overwhelmingly long bunch of reasons pro or con? Or are they both pretty even? You can tell a lot from this first glance. I find that most times, one side will be a LOT longer than the other. You can see the positives and negatives so much easier after you have listed them. Staple all the pages together if you have more than one page.


Well... I think when your Pro and Con sides are exactly the same length, you need to do this over, more thoughtfully. You have probably forgotten to write down some pros or cons. If you simply can't think of any more reasons pro or con, you can ask other people in your household, relatives, or friends. They can perhaps think of more pros and cons that you haven't thought of yet.


Don't let your list make your decision for you, but if you have overwhelming "cons" right now about going back to school, maybe your timing is wrong for now. You may be able to go back to school later. If money problems are the main reason you can't go back to school, you might want to research funding or apply online at the official FAFSA site to see if you qualify for loans or grants. Remember to think of the future, and not just how hard it will be right now, because often it WILL be hard.

You can also go to our Scholarship Links right here and register at some good sites.

It can't hurt - and you might find out that going back to school is possible for you.

Contact me if you have any questions. Good luck!


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