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Nontraditional Resources for - Colorado

I was very impressed with the resources Colorado offers its nontraditional students. My favorite site so far is the first one listed here:

The Colorado State University Resources for Adult Learners Office.

This information was taken straight off this group's website. Also, they have a Nontraditional student group with their own website, too!

Their office address is listed as being in Fort Collins. In the past, Colorado State University has celebrated Non-Traditional Student week, had an Adult Student Newsletter, orientations, A No Limits to Learning series, a Peer Mentor program, nature outings, family support, free athletic tickets for members children, Pizza gatherings, Java Jumpstart meetings, and much more. Now they are redoing their web pages and programs, but still pay special attention to their nontraditional students. Here is what they offer now (from the website):

"Off-Campus Student Services/Resources for Adult Learners offers a variety of services and programs for commuter, off-campus and non-traditional students. * A spacious student lounge to study, check email, eat lunch or relax between classes * On-line rental listings for apartments, condos, houses, rooms, and seeking roommates * Scholarships and scholarship information; childcare referrals; athletic tickets for children, and Pinnacle Honor Society for non-traditional students * Support groups, peer mentor programs and social events for single parent students, veteran students, women students, and commuter students * Assistance with neighborhood relations and problem solving * Publications and assistance with understanding your rights and responsibilities as a tenant - - - and much more!"

Colorado State University at Loveland offers non-courses for working professionals. These courses include business courses, a health course, a marketing course, and a leadership course.

The University of Denver has some very interesting things available for their nontraditional students, too. They have a Women's College that offers weekend classes for busy nontraditional women. Also, University College and the OSHER Lifelong Learning Institute all offer classes and programs just for nontrads. OSHER is especially for adults age 55 and over. University College has lunchtime enrichment classes and more.

The University of Colorado at Boulder has a Nontraditional student center. Here is the description of it, straight from the website:

"The Nontraditional Student Center serves students who are married, divorced, single parents, 25 years old and over, and those who have returned to college after an extended absence. Students aged 25 and above comprise 8 percent of undergraduates and 20 percent of all students at CU-Boulder. The center sponsors periodic lunches with discussions, speakers on various topics, and socials. Peer advisor training is given by students who volunteer at the center. Student volunteers answer questions and offer support in the UMC, or over the phone at 303-492-1536."

Colorado State University at Pueblo offers nontraditional students special days like the Halloween Carnival and also Family Fun Days. Here is their description from their website:

"Non-Traditional Student Services is an informal social and educational environment for non-traditional students where they can become aware of the services and programs of the University and local community. The NSS staff plans programs and activities for the CSU-Pueblo community. Past programs include the Annual Halloween Carnival, Holiday Food Basket Distribution, Personal Development Workshops, and Family Fun Days. Non-Traditional Student Services staff are located in the Office of Student Activities in the Occhiato University Center, Room 002."

Not all the links work on this site.

I can tell from looking up these sites this month that Colorado values its nontraditional students. There is even a page at the Colorado Department of Public Education telling about a program of interest to nontraditional students called the Department of Extended Studies. This program links colleges and universities who offer extended studies programs ands continuing education programs.

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Watch here all month for new Colorado News for nontraditional students and news about what schools are doing for their non-traditional students. Write me if you know of a non-traditional student group from Colorado that should be in the news OR on the Colorado page here on the Nontrads site.

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