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Students from all around the world are welcome!

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Just give your information about programs or links for students from other countries on this page.

Simply go here and send us the information. Thanks!




Welcome to the NEW Non-Traditional student pages for campuses and continuing education institutions around the world.


Do you know of a good resource, school, or club for nontraditional students in another country?

Please send your information to this area by clicking below:

Send Information

Support, links, resources, and more.


I have found one article online so far featuring a world nontraditional student resource. I am looking forward to listing a lot more places around the world this year, so be on the lookout for many more places.

Send your information soon so I can add it to this page.


NEW - Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Computer Science group.

44,Taman Anson, Jln Pahang,35000 Tapah, Perak, Malaysia

Nicholas - Admin





There is a great article I just found from the American University of the Caribbean.

The author of the article is herself a non-traditional student.

You can read the article at the school website here:

WELCOME! We are currently compiling a list for students so that everyone will be able to join a Non-traditional student group when they go back to school.

Please contact me or fill out this form for a FREE listing for your Non-traditional student group located outside the United States.

Check here for special worldwide scholarships, programs, and groups soon.

NEW - check out the FAQ Page that has many answers to your questions about becoming or being a non-traditional student.

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